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We use FedEx 2-Day Express. For certain states, there is also a 2-Day Ground delivery.

*** We only ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. ***

If you order on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, your order will ship on Tuesday of the NEXT WEEK. If you order on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, your order will ship on Wednesday of the THAT WEEK.

If your order ships on Tuesday, it will arrive on Thursday. If your order ships on Wednesday, it will arrive on Friday.

Please refer to the graphic on the Shipping and Returns page to figure out which day your order will ship depending on which day you order .

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Pint Glass Imo's Pint Glasses Black Ski Cap
Pint Glass
Our Price: $7.50
Black Ski Cap
Our Price: $9.99
Shot Glass Imo's Embroidered Polo Ski Cap
Shot Glass
Our Price: $2.99
Imo's Embroidered Polo
Our Price: $18.00
Ski Cap
Our Price: $8.99
Can Koozie Imo's Baby Shirts Pink Hat
Can Koozie
Our Price: $2.99
Imo's Baby Shirts
Our Price: $13.00
Pink Hat
Our Price: $11.99